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Using configs we can easily set up usb gadget in user space. You even can make your board as a compound USB device, just by few commands.

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I have got used to create patch and bbappend files manually, now I’m switching to use devtool - To be honest it’s quite easy to use.

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I’m planing to do some research on ST newest MPU series: STM32MP1. It’s a Cortex A7(solo or dual core) + M4 solution, not very powerful but the price might be very competitive. In this post we will setup the development environments.

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In my scenario it was caused by some docker containers - All of them have booting issues but they have been set as –restart=always, which caused they start to create js requests periodicity. Everything is ok after removing those docker containers.

This is an example vscode settings to provide supports for zephyr based projects build/debug:


I’m not planing to discuss details about those json files here since I know you lazy guys just want to know how to use it(Or maybe I’m too lazy to write those details down, who knows).

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