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kazam is an easy to use screen record tool for Linux. User can install it via apt install kazam on Debian based distribution. After recording, kazam supports to save as mp4 files, which are 4:4:4 by default. To make it available for typical player on other platform, we can covert it to 4:2:0:

ffmpeg -i ${original.mp4} -vf format=yuv420p ${new.mp4}

Last and this weekend I spend some time on mounting NFS rootfs on STM32MP1… There are some PHY driver issues and permission issues troubled me a lot…

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Today I just managed to boot kernel via TFTP on STM32MP1 board but steps I go through are quite different with i.MX8. Thus, I think there is a necessity to have a short note about this 🖋

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It specifies that a member field has the smallest possible alignment. That is, one byte for a variable field, and one bit for a bitfield, unless you specify a larger value with the aligned attribute.

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