ALSA: Naming rule of codec_name inside snd_soc_dai_link

When we define a dai link in machine driver, a structure names “snd_soc_dai_link” will be created. There are two members inside this structure to find the adaptive codec drivers: codec_name and codec_dai_name.

Normally codec driver will define codec_dai_name. You can find it easily inside codec driver source code. To make sure the dai link created properly, the codec_dai_name in machine driver and codec driver should be exactly same. As for codec_name, the naming rule should be like this:


Taking pcm512x as an example, if we connect it to i2c bus 4 and the i2c address of pcm512x we are using is 0x4e in device tree, we should define snd_soc_dai_link like this:

.codec_name     = "pcm512x.4-004e",
.codec_dai_name = "pcm512x-hifi",