Yocto QA Issue: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package

Yocto has much more strict rules than buildroot, one more QA Issue I met today is when I trying to install some regular files into rootfs by cmake install.

Root cause

Yocto/bitbake need to record every file you trying to install into rootfs, so it can easily remove those files when you trying to remove a package. Special case is When you trying to install TARGET by cmake like this:


Yocto will automatically record TARGET in this case if your inherit cmake recipe even you didn’t declare it in recipe explicitly. However, if we trying to install some regular files(like some setting files,scripts etc.) by install(FILES or install(DIRECTORY, yocto will require us to declare those files explicitly.


Declare those files in recipe:

FILES_${PN} += "/test/*"
# Change "/test/*" to where your regular file installed