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Clarify this issue

If you trying to execute a executable binary, but you see this error “No such file or directory”, it’s normally caused by you trying to run a 32-bits binary on a 64-bits OS.

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This post will tell you how to cross compile gPRC static lib for ARM.

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Singleton is a widely used design patterns in software engineering. This post will tell you when should we use Singleton and how to design a universal,template based Singleton base class.

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Sometimes make will output warning like this:

make: warning:  Clock skew detected.  Your build may be incomplete.

It was caused by file time-stamps are ahead of clients’ clock.

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Ubuntu17.10默认的python version是2.7,如果安装了3.6默认的执行版本仍是2.7。如果想要切换python version,可以通过选择alternatives的方式切换版本。

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